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Diamond-Plate Switchboard No. 701

Mat Stock Sizes:

900mm x 22.8 meter roll

*Sizes are approximate only

Mat Custom Sizes:

Per meter cut to length x 900mm wide

Mat Features and Benefits:

  • Diamond-Plate Switchboard No.701 is our newest version of high-performance non-conductive matting.
  • This mat is designed to protect personnel in areas with dangerous high-voltage equipment, it can insulate against as much as 30,000 volts of electricity.
  • With its unique diamond-embossed surface is easily cleaned and will not collect contaminants.
  • Diamond-Plate Switchboard matting conforms to ANSI/ASTM D-178-01 Type 2, Class II.

Non-Conductive Mats

Most commonly called Switchboard Matting our Non-conductive mats insulate workers protecting them from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment.

These mats are tested and proven to have a high Dielectric strength, however to provide a large margin of safety the maximum recommended voltage exposure is much less.
This is important since the Switchboard Mats are truly safety mats, designed to save employees lives.

Mat Specifications:

Uses: Around electronic and high-voltage apparatus
Compound: PVC
Dielectric Strength: 30,000 volts
Recommended Usage: Up to 17,000 volts per ASTM D-178-01
Thickness: 6.3mm approx
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Colours: Black

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