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24/7™ Holes No. 572

Mat Stock Sizes:

900mm x 900mm
75mm x 990mm Ramp Male/Female (Black)
75mm x 990mm Ramp Male/Female (Yellow)
*Sizes are approximate only

Mat Custom Sizes:

We provide a full service from Measure and Quote, to Installation, and are also able to provide custom sized mats to suit your requirements.
All enquiries are welcome, contact us for a quote today.

Mat Features and Benefits:

24/7 Holes No.572 is named for its ability to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your employees comfortable.
This mat is exceptional value for money.
At 15mm thick the 24/7 is ideal as a single workstation, or for covering large areas using the hidden interlocking system.
For easy trolley access and extra employee safety, attach the 75mm wide optional safety bevelled edges.
Designed for all general purpose applications.

Mat Specifications:

Uses: Dry, Wet and Greasy environments
Compound: Grease Resistant – Natural Rubber
Edging: Optional 75mm wide safety bevelled edge
Thickness: 15mm
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Colours: Black with optional Black or Yellow edging