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Anti-fatigue, Non-slip, Entrance Mats and more…

Mats are an important part of any commercial or industrial establishment. Safety is the number one reason to consider matting, Mats protect visitors or guests, employees and even equipment. Different mats have different ways of contributing to your work environment.

  • Slip resistant mats prevent accidents.
  • Anti-fatigue mats increase productivity by making the work environment comfortable for your employees.
  • Entrance mats trap dirt, snow and muck to keep your property clean and hygienic.
  • Wet area mats have anti-bacterial properties and keep the area safe for continuous work.
  • Conductive mats have anti-static properties to protect sensitive equipment and chemicals.
  • Non-conductive electrical mats even save lives

With everything that mats can do, it is unfortunate that they’re not given the attention that they deserve. Let’s not forget that mats also protect flooring, saving you a fortune on repairs.

General Mat Company (NZ) Ltd has been in the business of keeping people safe for years, so we truly appreciate the importance of mats in our lives. We offer a large selection of high-quality anti-fatigue matting, non-slip mats, entrance mats, wet area mats, safety mats, electrical mats, vehicle and marine mats and more. We are dedicated to providing the best in quality and service.

These mats can be used for a variety of applications such as on ramps, decks, playgrounds, gyms, trucks, UTEs, boats and more. We have mats for every situation at work, in the farm, at home, in the gym or even on the field.

They come in a variety of sizes including:

  • 75mm x 990mm
  • 600mm x 900mm
  • 900mm x 900mm
  • 900mm x 1500mm
  • 600mm x 22.8 meter rolls
  • 900mm x 22.8 meter rolls
  • 1200mm x 22.8 meter rolls
  • Custom sizes

Not sure what size to get? Don’t worry, we provide a full-service – from measure and quote to installation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or just have some questions on what kind of mat to use for your purpose, please feel free to call us. We’ll get you sorted. We offer free expert advice to help you figure out your matting problem. All enquires are always welcome.







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